School Projects


Educational programmes have become an integral part of Pegasus Opera Company's work.  We create bespoke projects with the aim of young people and schools working in partnership with tutors to design an exciting and educational experience, underpinned by a healthy singing practice.  Our most recent large-scale Lambeth wide-project and an example of some of the themes and content we may cover during a project are listed below:


Olympic Heroes Childrens Opera - Spring 2011

The Olympic Heroes Children's Opera was a result of POSA tutors working with 12 schools across Lambeth.  Six schools are part of the Coldharbour and Herne Hill Cluster led by Plaxy Wish and the other six form the Windmill Cluster led by Penny Porter-Mill.

POSA designed the project in partnership with the vocal tutors and the mini opera olympic anthem was composed by Omar Shahryar featuring original work created by the children themselves.

The result was over 300 children aged 8-11 performing their own mini opera performances at Lambeth Academy and Evelyn Grace Academy to over 400 parents and supporters.

The project was funded by Gifted and Talented and Able and Talented funds raised by the Coldharbour & Herne Hill and Windmill Clusters.

Art for Art's sake?

Themes of the opera are introduced and discussed with the Pegasus designer. Pupils are encouraged to explore the text and characterisation, Through discussions they are assisted in developing their own ideas for costumes, set design or Masks.

Making a drama out of an opera

A one day course exploring characterisation, themes and the setting of anopera through imaginative play , debate and practical listening skills: the participants will devise and performa short dramatic scene inspired by the story of the opera and its music.

Music and Citizenship

A one day course illustrating how music can be used to create an atmosphere, depicts a mood and emotions or a particular event. Pupils are encouraged to discuss a stories and relate them to a particular style of music.

Creation and Presentation

This 5-6 day course assists the children in developing their own narrative , writing words, composing music, and designing sets and costumes. Pupils are encouraged to think in terms of being a professional opera company.  Our practitioners work with the children, fostering and facilitating their ideas and developing the skills required for them to fully explore their own particular response to the characters and themes. Teachers work with our team to maximise the educational experience of the project.

Access and Performance

Our creative team work one day per week over a 5-6 weeks period in schools, introducing pupils to opera, working to create costumes, learn music, develop their singing skills and stage a scene, and then perform to their peers.

Black History Heroes

Black History Heroes works with pupils to compose and create mini Operas based on the lives of Black History Heroes. In the past we have created operas about Porgy and Bess, Nelson Mandela and Olaudah Equiano. See some of the work in action on