Uncle Remus

Summer 2004


Uncle Remus is the incredible story of how captive Africans made their voices heard in America and how their creativity survived and blossomed against all the odds.


During the 1880's, in Georgia, USA, a white journalist called Joel Chandler Harris happened upon a group of black sharecroppers and their families telling stories.  Using these, and the wonderful tales he heard as a boy from plantation slaves, Harris created the character Uncle Remus, who would narrate he adventures of Brer Rabbit. Many of Remus' stories are taken directly from the oral heritage of West Africa, making Harris the first person to  intoduce these black folk-stories to white America. Uncle Remus moves through the past to the present conjuring scenes from Africa, America, and Britain.

Composer Chris Taylor draws from the many streams of Afro American music, while the libretto by Lynn Binstock draws on the history of the people who wrote, played and sang it.


The fun of Brer Rabbit's tales and sounds of Harlem's Jazz Age were bought to life in this unique collaboration between Pegasus Opera's community chorus and children from London schools performed at  Hackney Empire, London.


Uncle Remus was a community opera commissioned by Pegasus Opera for the associated Community Chorus and our children's educational programme.


" ...screams of delighted anticipation "


" An exhilarating sense of achievement radiated from the stage at the end and was met with an enthusiastic response from the audience. "

Opera Magazine