January 2009

As a flagship organisation for Sing Up, Pegasus Opera commissioned this childrens opera as an Education Project  spanning over 18 Months. 


Clothesburger is an original story by Errollyn Wallen. It includes ideas and verses written by the children, set to music and accompanied with drawings, which created a marvellous back drop to the final show.


It is an entertaining adventure of best friends Mick and Trishi, who run away from home and discover the Makeadin Café - a magical, adult-free zone where all their homework is finished in 4¾ minutes, and they can eat all the sweets they like!  When their journey is foiled by the appearance of Alfie, a terrifying dinodragon, the two runaways learn some important lessons about life, responsibility and the true meaning of friendship.


2009 London performances included:

Royal Festival Hall (Clore Ballroom), Southbank Centre, London